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Injection molding purge compounds need to be able to clean a hotrunner at gate size below 0,4 mm. are universal purging compounds available that can work with all applications and polymers? thermoplastic processing is done in many different ways with many different polymers at a wide range of temperatures.
Batte melt pump co.,ltd.,a specialist manufacturer of flat extrusion dies,has engaged in the research ,development and manufacturing of extrusion plates and pet sheet die , sheet film single layer or multilayer co-extrusion die,distributors,melt pump,hydraulic screen changer and etc.
Flat die co-extrusion • common process and arrangement for cast film, extrusion coating, and extrusion laminating • differences in materials processed, typically lower mi for cast film • differences in die manifold geometry, typically t-slot for extrusion coating & laminating vs “coathanger” for cast film
Even thickness of the film is obtained by adjusting the die ring with respect to the mandrel. it is important in film extrusion that the melt flows out of the die at the same velocity all round the gap. this means that it is necessary to ensure that melt is delivered evenly to all parts of the die. a spiral mandrel is of use here.


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