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Waterproof membranesfrom russia to the middle east. 21-nov-08. waterproof membranes are used in a wide range of civil and building applications. around 750,000 tonnes of polymer will be used in building membranes in europe in 2008 according to jon nash, strategic research manager at applied market information. ... davis-standard is a leading ...
Rubber cv line cable extrusion line natural rubber sbr cr nbr epr cpe csp 1. application it's mainly used for continuous vulcanizing wire and cable this
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Tpo waterproof equipment the tpo resin is used as the base material of the elastomer. through the special extrusion and internal pressure splitting technology of the mold, a new type of waterproofing membrane with one extrusion of the tpo rubber layer and the middle polyester or glass fiber reinforcement is extruded...


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