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About product

Pvc conical twin screw extruder pelletizing granulating machine pvc plastic pelletizing recycling machine is applied to the waste materials, which needs high processing performance of melting, volatilization, filtering etc., mainly works for the job of pvc scraps recycling and re-pelletizing.
China pvc compounding pelletizing extruder manufacturer provides pvc pelletizing line,pvc granulating machine,conical twin screw extruder,pvc extruder,pvc recycling machine, etc. plastic film pelletizing machine , waste wood pallet shredder , used tire shredder , plastic crusher , plastic pipe extruder and hdpe pipe production line
Jinze pvc pelletizing line adopts counter-rotating twin-screw extruders with output up to 800kg/h. the screw design can be customized according to your pvc formulations.


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