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The us bureau of reclamation has also used immense areas of pvc geomembrane to line irrigation canals and reservoirs and has had a similar experience with (the lack of) pinholes in pvc geomembrane. many years ago (1960's), they experienced a few pinholes in 10 mil material, but after changing to 20 mil geomembrane, they found it unnecessary to ...
Jinming multiple-layer coextrusion textured geomembrane blown film line allows users to produce geomembrane film with rough surface on single-side or double-side. additionally, the width of the smooth edge of the film can be adjusted for welding.
The production line can produce the pe geomembrane with the thickness from 0.3 to 4mm and width less than 7200mm, the geomembrane can be monolayer, multilayer, both side smooth or embossing surface and laminated with non-woven fabric, the thickness of the geomembrane is uniform.
Hao yang operates over 20 production lines, including production lines for the first batch of blow molded geomembrane with 10 meters width and the first filament geotextile twin screw extrusion line in china. we also design and apply in-house special production lines for reinforced geomembranes, composite geotextiles and ultra-wide fabrics.


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