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Pc/pvc/pet/acrylic decorated panels, dvd mirror signs, mobile phone decorative panels, metal industrial sign plates and all kinds of signs for hotels al ayed hoses factory manufacturer
Lines. lines for the production of foil and sheet; extrusion line for r-pet sheet; lines for the production of membranes; lines for the production of corrugated panels; solar line; lines for the production of pipes. heads for pipes; lines for the production of medical tubing; lines for the production of shotgun shells; lines for the production of profiles; catalogues
Our company operates in three different fields of activity. plastic extrusion plate production; karva produces pmma & abs, asa & abs, abs, pmma, hips, ps, gpps & hips and gpps (shower cabin glass) industrial sheet in the desired size of 0,5mm-6mm thickness and 2200mm width. co-ex can produce multilayer (2l, 3l, 4l, 5l) in sheet production.
T shirts, agricultural chemicals & dyestuffs, agricultural combine harvesting parts, agricultural crop booster, agricultural farm machinery & parts used, agricultural farm machinery tractors implements & parts, agricultural management services, agricultural pesticides, agricultural products & commodities, agricultural research instruments, agricultural sprayers, betel nuts, castor oil, chilli ...


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