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Nov 21, 2015 · classification dies needed to make several unique products are classified as 1) sheet dies. 2) flat-film and blown-film dies. 3) pipe and tubing dies. 4) profile extrusion dies. 5) co-extrusion dies. 4. typical extruded die shapes. 5. sheet extrusion dies • the most common extrusion die for sheet products is the coat hanger-type manifold die. 6.
Sill plate extrusion die/extrusion tooling. model / specifications:pvc mould. details: sill plate extrusion die for window sill board mould,we have 300mm,350mm,400mm,500mm,600mm and so on.the window sill can be pvc only or pvc with c...
Nov 16, 2017 · plastic extrusion: this process starts by feeding plastic material (pellets, granules, flakes or powders) from a hopper into the barrel of the extruder. the material is gradually melted. mechanical energy generated by turning screws and by heaters arranged along the barrel. the molten polymer is then forced into a die,...
This sheet making machine can be used to produce mono layer or multi-layer pp pe ps hips plate width the width less than 3000mm and thickness 0.2-30mm. whatsapp/wechat: 8618366236672 salerjack at tongsanextruder it has such characteristics as high intensity, good


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