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About product

Pvb automotive interlayer glass film production line explosion proof industry . features: the equipment adopts parallel twin-screw design, equipped with weighing and batching system, central proportional control, automatic supply alarm for lack of material, and the products are cooled by soft water.clear product, less fine particles, equipped with heat treatment oven, effectively remove stress ...
Pvb glass interlayer film extrusion line normal thickness of the pvb glass interlayer film ranges from 0.38mm to 1.5mm. its main features include good adhesion to bio-glass, high clarity, good temperature insulation and anti-shock.
Pvb film (polyinyl butyral film ) is made from pvb resin with plasticizer , it’s can be used as inner layer of laminated safety glass of automobiles, airplane,architecture and for solar panel encapsulation ,specially for photovoltaic glass wall . pvb laminated glass is produced using a heat and pressure process, sandwiching a flexible interlayer between layers of glass.
Hdlam is a bridging product for glass manufacturers and glaziers to realize the benefits of custom color and white graphics within laminated glass. the decorative window film can be laminated between 2 layers of glass using eva, pvb or cold pour lamination processes.


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