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About product

Rubber extrusion lines can be offered for insulating single cores conductors with epr (ethylene propylene rubber), with or without stripe color, or for sheathing cables with stranded cores using cpe (rubber based with chlorinated polyethylene) or a flame
Polyurethane u-cup rod seals u-cup seals, as their name implies, have a u-shaped profile, including an outside static sealing lip and an inside dynamic sealing lip. the unique combination of resilience and its resistance to gap extrusion and wear makes thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu) the most common material used for u-cup seals in hydraulic applications.
Automobile sealing strip extrusion line / sealing strip extrusion line / sealing strip extruder. this production line is equipped with a gluing machine, flocking machine and drying rod to meet different requirements for automotive interior flocking strip production. by replacing a corresponding screw barrel, this production line can also be used to process seal strips used in a wide array of


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