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Pvc (powdered), heavy calcium carbonate, stabilizer, pe wax, cpe, acr, and other raw materials pvc (powdery), heavy calcium carbonate, poplar pe wax, stab, cpe, acr, etc. the spc floor is extruded from the extruder with a t-die to extrude the pvc substrate.
Safety data sheet according to 29cfr1910/1200 and ghs rev. 3 effective date : 10.24.2014 page 4 of 7 calcium carbonate, created by global safety management, inc. -tel: 1-813-435-5161www.gsmsds general hygienic measures: perform routine housekeeping.wash hands before breaks and
Material safety data sheet aluminium, powder ... united states osha: 15 mg/m3 twa (total dust); 5 mg/m3 twa (respirable ... chlorate, magnesium chlorate, zinc chlorate, barium iodate, calcium bromate, calcium ...
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