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About product

Eva solar film extrusion line automatic gravimetric feeding system makes sure variety of solid, liquid additives and raw materials high-precision feeding. low-temperature extrusion systems to ensure adequate mixing in the premise of plastination to prevent crosslinking additives.
After heating , extrusion and calender, the resin becomes film. eva solar film is sticky free in normal temperature for easy handling. after heating and lamination, it occurs inter-curing and sticky, to encapsulate silicon wafer, glass, backsheet together to be solar module.
Multi-layer cast film extrusion line mainly used for producing cpp cpe eva single, multi-layer flat film;cpp cpe eva single, multi-layer embossed film;cpp cpe air free ...
A sophisticated thermoregulation system is essential, for both extrusion and cooling processing steps. the winding system can wind-up, directly in-line, the film in reels or permit to laminate in-line a separating film sheet (mask film) or a silicone paper film to protect the eva film completely.


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