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About product

Spraybase® melt electrospinning named; ‘innovation of the year’ at the irish laboratory awards 2019. this is a fantastic recognition for all the hard work of the spraybase team in the development of the world’s’ first dedicated commercial melt electrospinning system.
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The highly versatile ati-459 is easily adapted to the specialized spandex spinning processes of individual user companies. performance has continued to rise, and the ati-459 is now used all over the world regardless of differences in spinning processes, whether dry, melt, wet, or some other.
Melt spinning plants ¡ melt spin testers for spandex yarns ¡ cleaning equipment ¡ vacuum dryers ¡ coagulation and washing baths ¡ quench air chambers ¡ injection extruders ¡ hot air and drum dryers ¡ polycondensation ¡ polymerization ¡ biconical vacuum dryers ¡ solid state polycondensation ¡ melt spinning of mono- and multi ...


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