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Zhangjiagang datong machinery co.,ltd product bottle blow molding machine linear blowing machine, independently developed by datong via adopting the world’s advanced techniques, is a kind of high speed equipment producing pet bottles by high pressure compressed gas. it has reached the top level by automatically arranging, heating and stretching preform.
With 23-year experience, zq machinery is professional in the field of plastic package, especially in the line of high speed rotary pet-stretch blow molding machines. we can offer many types of rotary blow moulding machines to make various bottles, such as bottles for mineral water, carbonated drink, juice, milk, tea, edible oil, sauces, detergent, candy, and medicine bottles, etc.
The sidel operations are now broken out as: blow-molding and filling; engineering and conveyor systems; secondary packaging and palletization. news section has an overview of plastic beer bottles made today on sidel machines.


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