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Thin film of molten material is formed at the barrel walls. as the screw rotates it scrapes this film off and molten plastic moves down the front face of the screw flight. when it reaches the core of the screw it sweeps up again, setting up a rotary movement in front of the leading edge of the screw flight.
It can be part of an injection molding unit and is found in numerous other extrusion processes, including blow molding, film blowing and wire coating. its function is to produce a homoge-neous melt from the supplied plastics pellets and to press the melt through the shaping die.
Small testing extrusion line the small testing extrusion lines provided by shanghai jwell can meet the demands of extrusion, casting, sheet production, stretching and composite etc. processing test. these lines are used by some chemical colleges and plastics research institutes to process and test the performance of the polymer material; it is also for developing new products or making samples ...
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