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  • PC Plastic Hollow Cross Section ⼀grid Plate Extrusion Line
  • PC Plastic Hollow Cross Section ⼀grid Plate Extrusion Line
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China jwell intelligent machinery co., ltd. as the vice president of chinese plastic machinery industry association, is one of the biggest manufacturer of plastic extrusion machinery in china and in asia.our 7 factory covers about 700,0000 square meter located in taicang, shanghai, zhoushan, liyang, dongguan, foshan, jiaxing.the company has more than 2200 employee, about 400
Qingdao plastic machinery manufacturing co., ltd. as china's leading manufacturer and supplier of large plastic machinery, developed and produce pvc crust foamed sheet line, pvc wpc foam sheet production line and pvc building templates machine, which get
The contaminants are usually collected on woven wire screens which are supported on a stainless steel plate called a ‘breaker plate’—a strong circular piece of steel drilled with large holes to allow the flow of the polymer melt. for the recycling of polyester it is typical to integrate a screen changer into the extrusion line.
Extrusion is a metal forming process in which a billet with large cross sectional area is reduced to smaller cross sectional area by forcing the billet to flow through a die. extrusion ratio (initial cross sectional area / final cross sectional area) is a measure of magnitude of plastic deformation introduced to the billet [49]. both solid billet and hollow tube can be produced by extrusion.


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