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Types of water drainage pipes corrugated single-wall ads pipe. ... the corrugation of this pipe holds debris, and can become clogged more easily than a smooth wall pipe. this type of pipe and its fittings are generally available in home improvement stores. double-wall
Hdpe/pp/pvc vertical type double wall corrugated pipe and pvc ribbed pipe extrusion line properties: dwc pipe is mainly used for water drainage system. it is a fully computer controlled line. it features high and stable output capacity, and highly automatic operation. for hdpe, you can choose high efficient single screw extruder.
Jwell hdpe/pp/pvc vertical type double wall corrugated pipe small extruder machine product description features & advantages: the large diameter hdpe/mdpe pipe extrusion line research & developed by jwell machinery co., features of unique structure, easily control, highly automation and stable performance.
We supply the double wall corrugated pipe extrusion lines with the production of diameter 50mm upto 1200mm inroduction of pipe compared with metal, ceramic, concrete and other pipes, double wall corrugated pipe has many advantage such as lower weight, lower cost, easy to connect, due to the special structure of double wall corrugated pipe.


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