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The process 11 parallel twin-screw extruder features: minimized sample material usage (20 g) throughput range 20g/h to 2.5kg/h. small footprint bench top design that is easily transportable. segmented screw design with removable top half barrel. easy-to
Nanjing kerke extrusion equipment co., ltd. is a high-tech company, which is composed of well-experienced team in r & d design, manufacturing technique, sales service and bases on twin screw extruder industry for 10 years with ce, tuv, sgs certificates.
Compared to single screw extruders the twin screw extruders provide a constant feeding of powder as well as a gentle and uniform plasticising at low screw speeds allowing for high output rates. the counter-rotating twin screw extruders can be divided into two types with conical and parallel screw systems.
Twin screw is founded in 1988, the first company engaged in the manufacture of pvc parallel counter-rotating twin screw extruder in taiwan . the past decade has seen this company install more than 600 twin screw extruders for complete production lines including pvc pipe production, various types of profile, decorative profile, pelletizer, granulating units and for recycling.


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