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About product

Plastic film products. we specialzed in rigid film/sheet production. our product include rigid pvc film, pet film, ps film, pp film, soft pvc and tarpaulin. we also specialized in reycle pet film, reycle pp film and reycle ps film.
Low density polyethylene film (ldpe) in low density polyethylene's, the ethylene monomeric units are linked in random fashion, with the main chains having long and short side branches. this branching prevents the formation of a closely knit pattern, resulting in material that is relatively soft, flexible and tough, and which will withstand moderate heat.
Tehran to host 13th iran plast showcase in september iranpolymer/ baspar the iranian capital, tehran, will host the 13th international exhibition of plastics, rubber, machinery and equipment (iran plast 2019) from september 22 to 25.
C4-lldpe-cast film (innovene license) stretch wrap, oriented tape. base resin for power cable compound insulation (low voltage), fiber optic jacketing.


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