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About product

Spc rigid vinyl plank stands for stone plastic composite. the main component is lime stone (calcium carbonate)+ pvc powder + stabilizer. it is much more stable,waterproof and fire resistant.
Excellent quality plastic floor extrusion making machines/equipment pvc flooring extrusion line consists of screw loader, mixing unit, conical twin screw extruder, t-die mold, four-roll calender, cooling frame, trimming set, hauling device, automatic cutter, stacking section, etc. pvc floor with wear-resisting, moisture-proof, easy to clean, low noise, environmental protection, green color diversity, the use of
Plastic flooring sheet production line the spc floor is mainly composed of a certain proportion of calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride stabilizer combination to form a composite floor material. this is a new environmentally-friendly floor developed based on high technology, featuring zero formaldehyde, mildew proof, moisture proof, fireproof, insect proof and simple installation. ...
Pvc flooring components: pvc resin powder, calcium powder, plasticizers, stabilizers, carbon black, the main component is polyvinyl chloride and calcium powder. plastic floor from the bottom to the surface by the pvc substrate color film decorative paper and wear-resistant layer, uv coating composition. stone plastic floor spc, is based on high-tech developed a new type of environmentally friendly floor


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