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Apr 27, 2015 · in a typical tandem low-density foam extrusion line (fig. 2), the two connected extruders have quite different functions. the primary extruder works to melt and homogeneously mix the materials, including additives and reclaimed pellets.
Oct 24, 2013 · in a standard, non-foaming extrusion process, the die’s primary function is to shape the extrudate after plastication (melting). but in a foam process, the die’s role shifts to preventing expansion of the foam before it exits, only guiding a general shape to be defined through a calibrator.
Foam extrusion line, epe foam sheet extrusion line tandem foam sheet extrusion lines. sunwell global is a market leader in the supply of foam extrusion lines for food and protective packaging applications. our tandem extrusion lines are able to process eps, epe, and epp at outputs from 150kg/hr to 1000kg/hr.
Our turnkey foam solutions are backed by proven technology and excellent results, enabling us to excel in food packaging, construction and consumer products industries. davis-standard’s single and twin-screw tandem foam lines, and in-line foam technology are recognized industry-wide thanks to high output processing of pe, ps and pp foam sheet.


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