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Taizhou haiyue mould machinery co., ltd. is a special manufacturer of molds & dies for plastic boards and casting films. our dies fit for pp, pc, pmma, hips, epes, epe, eva, ps, pet and upvc materials.
Plastic sheet die. plastic sheet die custom plastic sheet die die cutting forces a flat plastic sheet (or the flat edge of a 3-dimensional part) against a cutting edge formed into a die. the result is a plastic piece shaped like the die.
Jan 01, 2010 · in profile extrusion, drawdown is the percentage differential between the dimensions of the die as designed vs. the size of the final part. without any drawdown to exert tension, the extrudate would drape and sag in the sizing medium. hence, the die designer builds a drawdown percentage into all the dimensions to keep the profile taunt and aligned.
Plastics & rubber buyer’s guide is a specialized publication which focuses on taiwan and china plastics & rubber equipment, molding, raw material manufacturers. prg, published by asia-pacific trade news magazine, aims at advancing the worldwide markets. also, it is a good guide for overseas buyers who wish to cooperate with taiwanese and chinese suppliers.


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