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Co-rotation parallel twin screw, pelletizing machine, color masterbatch manufacturer / supplier in china, offering color masterbatch functional parent granule blending modification plastic pellet making/plastic recycling machine/automatic pelletizing machinery, jwell pe/ps stone paper sheet making extruder/extrusion line/ extruder, jwell pe/ps paper stone sheet extrusion line/making machine ...
With the vision to cater to various requirements of rubber, plastic and chemical industry, we, new plast machinery, were founded as a manufacturer, exporter and supplier.our comprehensive range of products includes filler masterbatch machine, palletizing line, plastic extruder machines, dispersion kneader, rubber dispersion kneader, plastic dispersion kneader and the like.
Tse-65a black masterbatch extruder machine is special for making color masterbatch, it is also a water cooling strand pelletizing line. the black masterbatch extruder machine has many functions. it can blend polymer, fill modification, reinforce glass fiber and so on. the black masterbatch extruder machine is suitable for different materials, like special material and powder coatings. the black masterbatch
100-150kg/h twin screw masterbatch machine master batch manufacturing machine nanjing yongjie started to make corn starch, pla pellets, biodegradable plastic pellets since 2001,our twin screw extruders are widely used for enforcing modification, degradable master batch, anti-flame master batch etc


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