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Slot-type wooden door seal strip can insert seal strip into the door block line of wooden door,it has groove on it,feature is install firmly,uneasy fall off.the elasticity and flexibility of wooden door is not only seal door seals gap but also reduce impact sound when slap the door,so that extend the service life of doors,so it is also called censored article seal,dash-proof article seal. slot- type seal is made of pvc/tpe or
Solid rubber glazing seals glazing seals window gaskets. we supply a wide range of weather strip and glazing seal (also known as claytonrite) rubber extrusions in many different glass & panel combinations for glass, acrylic and perspex. rubber window seals are used with a filler strip which clamps the rubber in place.
Fabricated extrusion company manages the process from end to end. from initial design and custom compound mixing, through die development, manufacturing, finishingand even custom packagingour ability to control every step in the process enables us to deliver your project on
Extrusions. the rubber company manufacture rubber extrusions and are also able to manufacture extrusions in pvc. the common usage for rubber and pvc extrusions are in applications such as sealing, noise control, vibration and decorative trim. we offer a full range of products, for any application, in a wide array of materials.


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