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We manufacture a wide range of biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (bopet) films under the brand name flexpet tm.our cumulative production capacity of flexpet tm films across the six manufacturing locations globally is 256,000 tpa (564 million lbs per annum).. flexpet tm films are available in thickness range 6.575 microns. these films are available in plain, surface treated ...
Structure and properties of uniand biaxially oriented polypropylene films part 1 : structural characterization a.j. de vries ... on a continuous basis by means of extrusion of the polymer melt through a slit die, followed by cooling on a chill roll and stretching in the machine direction (md) at a temperature of ...
Pipe shall be biaxially oriented (molecularly oriented in hoop and axial directions). pipe shall be produced with cast-iron-pipe outside diameters (ciod) in all sizes. pipe shall be joined by integral-bell gasketed joints conforming to astm d3139. pipe spigot ends shall be chamfered by the manufacturer.
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