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About product

Used 40 mm berstorff twin screw strand pelletizing line consisting of one (1) techweigh volumetric feeder with motor drive, one (1) 40 mm berstroff twin screw extruder, model ze40a ht, electrically heated, water cooled barrel, 30:1 l/d, top vented, 50 hp dc drive with control panel with scr controller, one (1) 5 hp sihi liquid ring vacuum pump, one (1) 16" wide x 12" deep x 120" long stainless steel
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Kuw series underwater compounding & pelletizing line kuw series underwater compounding and pelletizing line takes the latest technology, save more energy and higher performance. if you are looking for underwater pelletizing system with high quality and good price, kuw series will be your best choice.
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