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About product

Benk plastic sheet extrusion machine is also named plastic sheet extruding machine which is used to produce pvc marble sheet, pvc limitation and spc flooring. benk machinery is a leading plastic sheet extrusion line manufacturer in china, we supply extruder machine at an affordable price.
Pvc flooring’s main ingredients are polyvinyl chloride and calcium powder. following is comparison of lvt and spc products and production machines. spc flooring is an upgrade of luxury vinyl tiles (lvt). it is special designed with click locking system. then it can be easily installed on different floor base.
The spc floor is mainly composed of a certain proportion of calcium powder and polyvinyl chloride stabilizer combination to form a composite floor material. pvc (powdered), heavy calcium carbonate, stabilizer, pe wax, cpe, acr, and other raw materials pvc (powdery), heavy calcium carbonate, poplar pe wax, stab, cpe, acr, etc. the spc floor is extruded from the extruder with a t-die to extrude


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