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We're here to help you choose which used plastic extruders work best with your business. used plastic extruders are used in high-volume manufacturing processes where raw plastic material is melted to produce items such as pipes and tubing, weather stripping, fencing, window frames, plastic wrap, shrink wrap, and wire insulation.
Conical twin screw extruder. sjsz series conical twin screw extruder is mainly composed of barrel screw, gear transmission system, quantitative feeding, vacuum exhaust, heating, cooling and electrical control components etc. the conical twin screw extruder is suitable for producing pvc
The best xps production line in china. no.1 twin screw extruder exporter in 2018 china customs statistics. trusted by fortune 500 groups all over the world. useon will be your best partner!
Oct 11, 2017 · home / what’s the pvc compounding extrusion process? by kerke october 11, 2017. ... rigid pvc product mostly made by conical twin screw extruder machine line. soft pvc product mostly made by parallel twin screw extruder machine line. ... 1.due to the high rotate speed of twin screw extruder, pvc compounding normally cannot be direct ...


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