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About product

Custom sheet extrusions fabricated extrusion company manufactures a wide variety of custom extruded sheet products made from highly-engineered resins and commodity compounds. we will fabricate sheets to your exact material specifications and dimensions. and we can cut it to length, die-cut the material, or provide it in rolls.
A specific type of extrusion line, a plastic sheet extrusion machine takes raw plastic, melts it down, and feeds it through a flat-sheet die. depending on the specific polymer and type of die lip used, a plastic sheet downstream will form a continuous, uniformly distributed film of plastic that can be wound or trimmed into a wide variety of end-use products: lighting panels, weather stripping, roll-stock,
Pe foam sheet extrusion line, ps foam sheet extrusion line, pe foam extruder, ps foam extruder, epe foam sheet extrusion line, eps foam sheet extrusion line mt-plas (m) sdn. bhd. incorporated on march 2007, mt-plas (m) sdn bhd is one of the leading manufacturers plastic (pvc), thermo elastomer (tpv & tpo ) profile extrusion and lamination ...
This sheet board panel extrusion line is widely used in hot spring resorts, bath club, ktv, office building, hotel, subway and other high-level places. ceiling,wall panel,background wall,door of kitchen,washingroom,corridor,office decoration,ect. special for public and private decoration,such as villa,house, hotel, shopping mall,and so on.


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