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Pipe extrusionvacuum calibration tanks. are used for calibrating and cooling pipes made of thermoplastic materials by means of spray cooling. the spray cooling method prevents the formation of water boundary layers and is more efficient in cooling than the full water tanks. furthermore, there are no buoyancy problems that could distort the pipe.
Pipes circulate the cooling water through the plastics machinery and subsequently the warmer return water back to the central cooling unit. these centralized chilling and cooling systems can either be refrigerant process water chillers or the forced air type, more commonly known as air blast coolers, depending upon the temperature of water ...
Polyking is one of the leading manufacturers of quality high density polyethylene (hdpe) and polyvinyl chloride (pvc) pipes zambia. their pvc pipes can be used for electrical wiring, plumbing, heavy duty pressure and an array of various plumbing and drainage
Jun 29, 2014 · making its debut in 2005, kiboko plastics has become one of the largest manufacturers of superior quality pvc and hdpe pipes, water tanks and fittings for water management, irrigation, water distribution and sewage disposal systems in tanzania.


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