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About product

Peek™ (polyether ether-ketone) is a high performance engineering thermoplastic with unique strength and heat resistant properties. peek™ is one of the few polymers that can be considered for use as a metal replacement for high temperature applications. it is
Nanjing yuwei new material co., ltd. is a subsidiary company of nanjing shou su special engineering plastics co., ltd., which specializes in the extrusion molding of peek, pps, ppsu, pei and other special engineering plastic profiles and secondary processing of products.
The peek rod was pulled by the extrusion motor at a speed of 0.1–120 mm/min, and the extrusion force f e was recorded. after measurement of the extrusion force, a liquefier comprising a heater block, nozzle, nozzle throat and heat sink was also placed on the base of the universal mechanical test machine.
Fluorocarbon & high temperature extruders (including peek) boston matthews has extensive experience of the processing of fluorocarbons and high temperature polymers such as peek. when processing such polymers which require either very high temperatures or can emit corrosive gasses, specialist extrusion machinery is required.


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