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Its maezio brand cfrtp composite is based on continuous carbon fibers impregnated with a thermoplastic such as polycarbonate. now, the leverkusen laboratory in germany is commissioning a new tape production line to develop new products with different fiber and resin combinations.
Continuous reinforced fiber composite material production line supplied by suzhou jwell adopts multiple spindle automatic continuous unwinding, one-step presoaking drying&forming, online yarn expand correction, online automatic coating release paper and other functional materials; the whole line is equipped with imported brand plc control system and imported brand drive element, energy saving
Frp pultrusion product 【leadfrp】composite materials are produced by continuous fiber pultrusion process. it is a kind of uniform cross section fiber reinforced products, which is used fiberglass roving, continuous mat, stitch-bonded mat, surface mat, etc as reinforced material, mix with unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl resin, phenolic resin and polyurethane resin continuous forming ...
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