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To produce tpu in the extruder the liquid raw materials are fed into the zsk twin screw extruder infeed in the stoichiometric ratio via highly accurate liquid feeders. the reaction to polyurethane takes place in the twin screw extruder under constant mixing and kneading. surplus reaction heat is
A rail-to-sleeper fixing system in which bolt-like connecting elements are anchored in the sleeper and, by means of their broadened heads, hold the rail foot down directly or via clamping members, wherein insulating spring or clamping elements (1 to 4; 6) which seal the holes and joint gaps in a flexible and shock-absorbent manner when the connecting elements are elastically stressed and
No.199, east mufu road, gulou district, nanjing, china. hbcd-free flame retardant masterbatch for xpshbcd-free flame retardant masterbatch for xps hbcd-free flame retardant masterbatch for xps (yx3008) this product can replace hbcd completely.environmental-friendly, safe and stable.
Polyether pu is more resistant to hydrolysis and generally has lower glass transition temperature, while polyester pu has better resistance to oils and fuels. thermoplastic polyurethane (tpu) tpu's contain linear flexible coiled and rigid packaged segments, able to merge without degradation of urethane links.


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