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Extrusion of thermoplastics extrusion plays a prominent part on the plastics industry. extrusion, unlike moulding, is a continuous process, and can be adapted to produce a wide variety of finished or semi-finished products, including pipe, profile, sheet, film and covered wire.
Main products: extrusion mould, t die, sheet die, cast film &coating film die, lamination die, hydraulic screen changer, pump feed block
Extrusion process purging procedures cleaning the screw for extrusion. when cleaning screws for extrusion, you need the right product and process for purging that’s fast-acting and thorough, but that also avoids costly damage. the wrong chemicals or tools, such as scrapers, are ruinous to screws and lead to serious production problems.
Mar 01, 2004 · a new study shows how the type and amount of ldpe in blends with lldpe affect the processing and strength/toughness properties of blown film. data are shown for both ldpe-rich and lldpe-rich blends. stop die buildup die buildup, also called die drool, die bleed, or plate-out, can plague any extrusion process.


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