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The result is a surprisingly high torque of up to 194 nm per shaft (or 387 nm in total) combined with wider processing windows as well as more aggressive kneading and mixing. its torque density value is 18.2 td i.e. reduced screw speed without reducing the throughput and keeping the temperature at
Twin screw extruder’s machines require highly sophisticated gearbox to drive the co-rotating or counter rotating extruder screws. the design requires delivering the highest possible torque evenly in both the screws by utilizing the smallest amount of space.
High torque / tensile shafts all zv series twin screw extruders are available with hot forging high tensile steel, for instant impact hot die steel is used to take high torque. these durable shafts are the benchmark for performance throughout, zv series extruder screw shafts are of involutes’ spline at 30° and length design as per l/d ratio of machine.


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