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Features: the aquarex "upside-down-wet" blown film line blows film downwards and uses water instead of air to cool the bubble. its advantage is extremely fast cooling that keeps the crystallinity of the film low while maintaining its amorphous nature. the result is superb film with high clarity and gloss and exceptional puncture and tear resistance.
Resin grades (pe, pp, pa, evoh) is concerned, this gives high flexibility of the production line. the extruders – this applies for both the blown and the cast film line – are equipped with barrier screws and highly effective shearing and mixing sections (see figure 2). cast film line:
Rail transport in sweden uses a network of 13,000 km of track, the 22nd largest in the world.construction of the first railway line in sweden began in 1855. the major operator of passenger trains is the state-owned sj ab.. in 1988, prompted by sj's large deficits, the swedish parliament privatized the network by ordering that the ownership of rail infrastructure be separated from the
Illustrates several hypothetical situations in the ideal capacitors, a defect-free polymer thin film with a dielectric constant ε = 2.2 in pp, thickness (d = 10 μm), and an applied voltage v = 5 kv (e = 500 mv/m) can offer a maximum energy density of 2.4 j/cc (0.74 wh/kg) at material level, similar to that of experimental result.


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