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About product

Pvc foam board extrusion machine manufacturers, factory, suppliers from china, with a fast development and our customers come from europe, united states, africa and all over the world. welcome to visit our factory and welcome your order, for further inquires please do
Pvc semi-skinning (wpc) foaming board extrusion line pvc semi-skinning foaming board and wpc foaming board application: transportation industrial: ship, plane, bus, chamber of train, roofing, core layer, inner decoration board.
Pvc skining foaming board extrusion line is composed of conical twin-screw extruder,die,vacuum calibration unit,ten-roller haul off unit and so on. pvc skinning foaming board has a very wide application range. it is used for cupboard, furniture board, advertisement board, construction decoration board, upholstery for train, car and ship.
Product service life lasts over 50 years, is one of the new international standard decoration board.pvc skinning foaming board extrusion line is composed of count twin-screw extruder, die, vacuum calibration unit, multi roller puller unit and so on.


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