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Klaretechspecialist mechatronic solutions and industrial automation company in south africa. our partners include b&r, elobau, afag, meyle, paletti.
2 litre 1+1 blow moulding machine fully automatic single head retro fitted with a plc, the machine has no parison control. it has a separate visi strip extruder with a connection on the head for it. it has a single head double station. if you change your head to
Hulamin extrusions has a library of more than 15 000 dies, the majority of which are for the production of customer bespoke shapes.our expertise lies in the ability to assist clients with specific designs by first understanding the end product and production methods, then collaborating in the design process of an extrusion.
Plastic pipe extrusion, profile extrusion line, roof tile extrusion line, pvc-o extrusion line customer group our products are exported to more than 560 enterprises at home and abroad


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