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Polyurethane elastomers tpu and tsu according to fuji keizai surveys [4, 5] of sales of “urethane elastomers ... is expected in china and india in particular. table 1 sets out the global and domestic japanese ... casting the stirred reaction mixture into a table 2. main producers of tpu and tsu
Tpu is the abbreviation of thermoplastic polyurethane. the main features of tpu are: wide range of hardness: by changing the tpu reaction components of the ratio, you can get different hardness of the product, and with the increase in hardness, its products still maintain good flexibility and wear resistance.
Extrusion molding. this process is used in polymer processing very often, and in typical extrusion processes pellets are put into one end of a machine to melt and blend them into a gel. then, the material is pushed through a die head, from which it emerges in the shape of the desired material.
Mar 26, 2001 · pu millable gums are processed like conventional rubbers using a banbury mixer and mill and are cured with peroxide or sulphur. both polyether and polyester derived pus are available, their products are formed by the usual elastomer techniques of extrusion, compression and transfer moulding. thermoplastic polyurethanestpus


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