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Defects in extrusion process and their impact on product quality ... and then to a finished solid or flexible film product for practical use. extrusion equipment consists of a plasticizing extruder, die assembly, a cooling assembly, and haul- ... products (thin film to heavy sheet), coatings
Shang ta chia is the leading extrusion machine manufacturers in taiwan. we want to recommend you the hot series of extrusion line, including pet extrusion machine, pp extrusion machine, sheet extrusion machine, pvc extrusion machine line and etc. we got an excellent reputation for precise plant designs to meet customers' requirements in this extrusion machines field.
Flat die co-extrusion • common process and arrangement for cast film, extrusion coating, and extrusion laminating • differences in materials processed, typically lower mi for cast film • differences in die manifold geometry, typically t-slot for extrusion coating & laminating vs “coathanger” for cast film
Extrusion temperature increase the extrusion temperature die gap decrease the die gap screen pack increase restriction ... edge t earing excessive neck-in film blocking film striking on chill roll low md tear strength low stif fness low md elongation ... plate out on chill roll check roll temperature


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