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Axially oriented film among various other films under increasingly high demand. fig. 11 shows the production process of the biaxially oriented film manufacturing plant. the polymer uni-formly melted by the extruder is extruded in flat sheet from the die. the extruded molten polymer is then cooled to solidification in the casting machine and ...
Polymer banknotes are made from bopp, which stands for biaxially-oriented polypropylene (bopp). banknotes produced from bopp are longer lasting, harder to destroy, waterproof, have better dirt resistance, and can be recycled when taken out of circulation. however, polymer banknotes have downsides as well.
Biaxially oriented pe pipes were prepared through solid phase die drawing technology for the purpose of improving their mechanical strength, especially the strength along hoop direction. the results showed that drawing speed presented a prominent effect on the dr hoop and dr axial of the pipes.
Apr 03, 2017 · the term biaxially oriented in used for polymer films manufactured in a particular fashion. traditionally polymer films were made by extruding the molten polymer out of a film die and then extending in 1 direction with the use of a roll winder. these films had substantial tensile strength in the direction of winding.


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