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For all your ducting, ventilation, air conditioning and damp control needs warning! it seems your javascript settings on your browser have been disabled. i-sells.co.uk (and a lot of other websites) won't work as intended without re-enabling javascript.
Compressed air systems uk stock a wide range of air line fittings and air pipe fittings. order online or call us on 0121 753 3330 for more information.
Ductstore is an online store that aims to provide a simple and accessible way of purchasing ventilation and ducting supplies. as well as stocking rigid and flexible ducting supplies, grilles and vents, we also have full manufacturing facilities and can provide galvanised rectangular and bespoke metal ducting pieces to suit your needs.
Instead of using the core of air in a vertical pipe, circuit venting uses the top of a horizontal. drainage pipe to vent the fixtures connecting to the horizontal branch. the circuit vent starts at its lower end in front. of the furthest upstream fixture and connects at its upper end into a stack vent or vent stack.


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