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Mini extruder aka the ‘nastar’ maker. the economical mini extruder known as the nastar maker. specially designed to produce centerfilled cookies, filled with jam, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and other pumpable paste (fibrous fruit paste, bean paste, oil based cream, meat paste etc)
Unifiller offers an extensive line of single piston and multi piston depositors, food pumps, filling machines, cake and cupcake decorating equipment, icing machines, pastry machines, dough extruders and cookie machines. from compact, portable tabletop machines to fully automated lines, see why so many customers prefer our machines!
Battenfeld-cincinnati (bc) is a manufacturer of extrusion machinery with a long tradition commenced with making extruders for pvc pipe production in the 1950s and have since contributed substantially to the development of conical twin screw extruders.
Our hardware is built to convert plastic into the filament used in 3d printers. our main focus is developing our systems for converting waste plastics into usable filaments, creating a closed loop cycle. our system are also used in research facilities to develop new filaments for today's complex problems. we have a ran


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