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About product

Gpm pet sheet production line is for producing defferent pet sheets, the production line is consist of single screw extruder / parallel double screw extruder, hydraulic screen changer, t-die, three roller calender, haul-off machine, widing machine and cutter, etc.
Pet sheet(co-extrusion)extrusion line manufacturers, factory, suppliers from china, we just not only provide the high quality to our customers, but more even important is
Wider tolerance in raw materials comparing with single screw extruder, twin screw extruder has inimitable advantage in raw material adaptability. thanks to its born self-wiping performance, twin screw extruder is able to intake pellets, powder, flakes, films and yarns without problem.
Layer b composed of recycled post-industrial and post-consumption pet material. virgin a-pet pet sheet made of 100% virgin material. monolayer a-pet single-layer sheet composed of recycled post-industrial and post-consumer pet material. blend a-pet a-b-a three-layer sheet. layers a made of 100% virgin pet material.


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