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Geomembrane extrusion welding. extrusion welding is the main finishing technique for hdpe and other polyolefin geomembrane materials. extrusion welding is a finishing technique where a bead of molten plastic is used to weld thermoplastic geomembrane materials. the quality of an extrusion weld is dependant on the skills of the welder operator.
Dec 17, 2013 · geomembrane sheet extrusion line(s) resin; hdpe./mdpe/eva. width; 5-7meters capacity; 600-1500kgs/hr. maker; yoojin engineering co.,ltd. south korea.
Bandera’s far-reaching and far-sighted attitude wins again and goes far, very far, with another line sailing away, bound to new zealand. this is the latest of four pet rigid film extrusion lines supplied in recent years to the important new zealand based, flight plastics group (two lines for the uk and two lines for new zealand).
Permaflex is a black flexible polyethylene geomembrane available in .3mm, .5mm, .75mm and 1mm thickness. it is the preferred alternative to pvc and polypropylene for tank liners as is not easily affected by chlorine. it is highly flexible and easily forms around corners. suitable for ponds, reservoirs and liquid storage. excellent uv resistance.


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