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Cast film lines multilayer extrusion unit raw material handling and dosing in view of the fact that raw material account for the major portion of the cost for the production of cast films, it is essential to ensure their efficient use in every film layer.
Entek is the world leader in battery separator technology. our deep knowledge of battery chemistry, separator properties and in-application uses is what sets us apart from the competition. separators are an integral part of the performance, safety, and cost of lithium batteries.
Products name: battery barrier sheet extrusion lines. features specifications: pe water drainage sheet extrusion line: it is initialed by jobbetter, which has broken the situation to import these machines. compared with old two-step forming process, one-step forming is more effective, less consumption, higher intension.
Eva solar energy battery packaging film extrusion line introduction message latest research and development of photovoltaic cells encapsulated eva glue extrusion line is a special energy-saving, efficient and innovative, cost-efficient extrusion line, which is now more professional as one of eva film extrusion equipments for photovoltaic cells.


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