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Short description: pc, pmma, gpps plastic sheet & plate extrusion line applicable scope of pc endurance board: garden, the recreation place, decoration and the corridor pavilion; internal and external ornaments in the commercial building, curtain wall of the modern urban building; transparent container of aviation, the windscreen before the motorcycle, the plane, the train, the steamer, the ...
Dec 04, 2014 · lincoln [email protected] +86 139 1887 6278 jwell machinery
Product application: l industries of automotive, electronics and electrical appliance. l lcd, machine parts, mirror plating, various brand marks, printing, membrane switches, nameplates
Jwell's plate extrusion line is suitable for producing the pmma or pc diffusion plate. pet thick plate extrusion line pet thick plate is made from the normal apet material and special modified pet material, due to its lower cost when compared with the pc, it can gradually substitute pc plate in many fields, and it can be used in construction ...


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