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Raw continuous fiber composites can come in many forms (pultruded rods, woven mats, etc.), but we will concentrate on “tape”. this tape can be thermoplastic or thermoset. it is created by impregnating the continuous fibers with the desired matrix and forming this combination into a
Nov 28, 2018 · gpm company specialty in the design and production of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite laminates machine for a wide range of advanced thermoplastic composite panel lamination ...
Introduction to composite materials ... expensive. particulate reinforced composites usu-ally contain less reinforcement (up to 40 to 50 volume percent) due to processing difficulties ... approach that of continuous-fiber composites if their aspect ratios are great enough and they are aligned, but it is difficult in practice to main- ...
The continuous fiber-reinforced thermoplastic (cfrtp) composites from covestro, maezio™, offer a high-performing and cost-efficient composite solution for bmai. maezio™ composites are based on thermoplastics, and therefore offer the benefit of ease of forming, resulting in higher yield rates, shorter cycle times and lower costs.


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