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Downstream for small-diameter pipes ... more than five decades of experience with complete extrusion lines for mono- and multi-layer pipes and line components with extremely high outputs of more than 180 m/min; ... high-speed four-strand pipe extrusion line for diameters up
The country and the type of pipe, the pipes are supervised through: ima-d, tgm-a, kiwa-nl. further monitoring contracts and certificates on demand. during production the pe-rt 5-layer pipe of becker pla-stics has to undergo strict controls according to the rele-vant product standards such as en iso 22391 and din 4726.
Jul 22, 2013 · pex-al-ppr multi-layer pipe production line, one step aluminum pipe forming and extrusion. outer ppr fusion connection. pipe extruder applied the latest serv...
Called stabi pipe, as well as the well-known multi-layer composite pipe with welded aluminum middle layer fall into this category. ptype: multi-layer plastic pipe p-type pipe are mainly multi-layer plastic pipe primarily for heating applications made of pe-rt or pe-x with an evoh bonding layer.


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