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About product

The function of the bundling jig is to hold the finished plastic products together during packaging. it helps in proper handling and arrangement of the plastic product. haul- off. the haul off refers to a unit that pulls the synthetic product forward as it moves during the extrusion process.
The new sica p3500/24 plus multi-caterpillar haul-off, capable of hauling pipes up to 3.5 m (138 in.) diameter, represents the new technical reference in the downstream machinery world for extremely large hdpe pipe extrusion lines.
The haul-off consists of a number of pulling belts around the pipe. the pulling belts, which are located under the extrusion axis, are mechanically adjustable and upper ones are driven pneumatically. haul-off unit can be integrated to line control and centralized fault diagnostics system.
Plastic pipe extruders; extrusion die-heads; vacuum and cooling tanks; haul off (puller) cutters; coilers; drip irrigation itro pargraph goes heren instead drts offers turnkey production lines for pe, ppr, and pvc pipes ranging from 16mm – 630mm diameter (ppr up to 110mm). we provide extrusion solutions with a focus on quality and customer customization.


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