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The two styles of machines within the counter-rotating extruder category known as parallel twin screw extruder and conical twin screw extruder. a parallel twin screw has a consistent barrel diameter through the entire barrel. a conical twin screw extruder has a taper.
In this sense, the co-rotating twin screw extruders are also referred to as twin screw compounders.

the raw material is fed into the extruder through a volumetric feeder or loss-in-weight feeder. then it moves ahead and gradually gets melted.
Parallel twin screw extruder we offer a wide range of counter-rotating parallel twin screw extruders, providing an optimal and tailor-made solution for every need and application. all of our p-series extruders have different lengths and drive motors to assure a proper plasticizing and output.
Extrusion is a method in which a material is continuously passed through a die by heating and pressurization in a plastic extruder, which is also referred to as “extrusion”. compared with other molding methods, it has the advantages of high efficiency and low unit cost.


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