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Elka holzwerke gmbh is medium-sized woodworking company with over 100 years of experience working with wood. our company has been family-owned for three generations, and we produce sawn wood and wood...
Honeycomb panel features: 1, sheet flatness. 2, quick and easy installation. 3, the sheet light weight, high strength. 4, can achieve large surface of the plate. 5, the honeycomb core insulation effect helps space. 6, rich colors and finishes to choose from. 7, high-quality materials and advanced processing technology to ensure durable honeycomb panels.
Panels made using glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics skins (referred often as to “organosheet” or from german, “organoblech”) offer a unique set of properties and are the latest development from econcore in composite honeycomb sandwich panels. integration of the honeycomb core production with in-line lamination of composite skins allows producers to minimize handling operations and to reduce
Extruder temperature control panel. stock #491-03tp. used extruder temperature control panel previously used with 60 mm krass maffei twin screw extruder. no temperature controllers included but does include (12) amp meter and mercury contactors. also included is 40 hp brushless dc drive, sysmac model c40k programmable...


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